Sunday, August 18, 2019

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Discussion Boards I guess I’m just behind the times but to be honest, I have never ventured into an online community. This i s not sn’t because I don’t like computers or the internet, I just have never had any interest with comp ut outer related activities. So, trying to write this paper was very discouraging at first. I had no idea what MOO’s were, except for the sound that a cow made, and MUD’s, well, they just sounded a little dirty. Basically, I had never heard or knew of any online communities in my life! Through my English class I was eventually exposed to the various online communities, such as MOO’s, MUD’s, discussion forums, and e-mail lists. In class one day we were assigned to go to these different web-sites to experience the different online communit ies. So, with my feet slightly wet, I dove further into the world of virtual communication. Not knowing really where to begin I did a search for discussion forums. Through the search I found out that there is a forum for just about anything you can imagine. There were over 5,000 results that came up and I became overwhelmed with the obvious interest that people had in these communities that I had no idea about. I narrowed it down and searched for discussion on the terrorist attacks. The first web-site I stumbled across was . There was no particular reason that I chose this one, I just picked it out of the search results. Mostly Amphigory had a general discussion board on which various topics were discussed, some which were about the

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