Sunday, November 3, 2019

MGT501 - Management and Organizational Behavior Mod 3 SLP Essay

MGT501 - Management and Organizational Behavior Mod 3 SLP - Essay Example It was interesting to take the summary. Everyone wants to know more about their own personality and under the circumstances, it is definitely good to know that best way to learn. The questions always seem a little strange at first but once the assessment is completed it seems to make sense why those questions were ask. It seems from the results that they were pretty close but it seems that someone else would be able to tell you that better than yourself. It is awfully hard to judge ones own personality and learning style. That is why an assessment like this is so helpful. The things about me that are strongest and I believe will be most helpful in the workplace and as a manager are social skills, listening and verbal skills, and logical skills. Actually it seems those are the skills that a manager should have. The manager in a department or organization should be able to stay logical, hear their employees, be able to verbalize and communicate and do it in a way that feels social. The only problem is that the social skills were my highest learning skills and that could be a problem. Being too social can be a bigger issue that it is a help. It is not seen favorably by bosses that give you a boost up the ladder. It seems that the best thing of these issues that I can do for my management style is to cultivate the aural and verbal as well as logical skills but find a way to learn to be a better manager by using the social skills in another way. Although there are times when it is important. I know that seldom does my boss join us for social occasions such as birthdays out etc but once in a while would be a good thing. It would make us feel more like he knew something about us so I might try to temper some of that with the personality traits that I try to learn for a better management style. Individual learning and organizational learning are really interconnected. We have discussed the organization as

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