Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Exploring Fashion, Fit And Affordability Report Analysing Essay

Exploring Fashion, Fit And Affordability Report Analysing - Essay Example The paper "Exploring Fashion, Fit And Affordability Report Analysing" analyzes the fashion availability, fit and affordability in the UK stores. The objective of the research has not been presented clearly and distinctly. If the researchers have a clear perception of the objective and the purpose of the research, it helps to develop the research methods more accurately. It also allows the reader to understand the purpose of the study better. Presenting the purposes as above would make it easier for the researchers to analyse their research and findings more effectively, and achieve what they intended to find. It also makes it easier for the reader to judge whether the findings corroborate with the purpose. Moreover it is easier to refer back to the purpose. The study applied a mix of the quantitative and qualitative research methodology, as one of the prime objectives was to examine the satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the retail experience. This would be difficult in a purely quant itative approach. Quantitative approach is equally essential for this study because it enables distance between the observer and the observed. Moreover, quantitative research is descriptive and such a study requires description. A qualitative approach, on the other hand, allows the researcher to get an â€Å"insider perspective on social action† (Knox, 2004). In the quantitative method the focus is on numbers while the qualitative method has the potential to reveal complexity. Pure quantitative research.

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