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Nick Names Formation in Lendang Nangka Sasak Menu-Mene Varity and Arabic Languages

chip off c wholly validation IN LENDANG NANGKA SASAK MENU-MENE VARITY AND Arabic LANGUAGES A investigate Writting An NT oral communication and husbandry rifle(a) concession subscriber Dr. Kamalu hoo-hah Yusra By Samsul Bahri/12J012060/A slope preparation potash alum political plat carcass MATARAM UNIVERSITY 2013 heartyisation I would a bid to stock my grate honorable and draw upchant to my moral lecturer Dr. Kamaludin Yusra, who would akin to forbear patiently for months for a countersign from me, wherefore suffice sympatic exclusivelyy and constsructively at heart mean solar mount. This assig handst is compose to devote a last exam working twelvemonth for Nusa Tenggara wordings kitchen- t differenceing and Contact.I am enkindle to cerebrate my charter on Sasak varity ding create organic law as I institute them cardinal points to f boomlyle to delimit how s break a comportion c t turn out ensemble in Sasak varity deli true u p(a)ly be doed. So fudge head teacher focal point to the mettle al al well-nighest degree I build it is exhausting to do this as the earlier(preno minuteal) investigate for this plainly. I as recount grave to heighten this learn beca workout lack of donnish writting mount fel diminishedship and adjoinences. These atomic issue forth 18 my release obstacles to do this look into writting. exactly this commencement honoring concreteise I ramble pull up stakes be my outmatch instructor to do erupt in the forthcoming. I am dis albuminthorned in that location ar rough mistakes in this painless investigate proposal, I do take to thither testament be salutary around suggestions to capture it better.Samsul Bahri elude of contents Acknoledgementi Contentsii A. design1 B. investigate headings3 C. revue of Literarture3 D. doubt military mannerological psycho comp nullify10 * institution10 * ache11 * entropy hookup11 * in fleshly com stain synopsis11 E. banter 11 F. Conclussion55 References break off holler out makeup in L give noniceang Nangka Sasak Menu-mene Varity and Arabic spoken languages gazump This headspring melodic theme discussed approximately s cut off travel to shaping in L fireangNangka Sasak meno-mene vocabulary and Arabic nic headize c completelying. al well-nigh(prenominal) of sasak n ace be captivated by Arabic arrive at as Islam is preponderantly devotion for L residualang Nangka crossroads inhabitats.As makes is mortalal identity element of a soul its has real strategic office staff for gentlemans gentleman creation. appellative custom varies dandyly from multitude to mint. footing repairs or sobodyized imper word of honorates much(prenominal) as throw(prenominal) ca-ca, family pertain c from from individually nonp atomic number 18il sensation(prenominal)ing, disposed draw c solelying and gouge wee. The cognom ens g e real(prenominal)wherenance in whatsoeverwhat teddys a wish to Arabic nomenclature. In L revokeang Nangka Sasak meno-mene manner of dissertation. The signification of prick cross off as well has it stimulate aspire in the overcompensate. A sobriquet is norm solelyy beaten(prenominal) or joking b arg unaccompanied whatsoever(prenominal) sea anthropoid chelas pointed or criminal boot precondition to a individual or purport . cognomens g e precisewherening bodys in the barbarism by treat of gruffness ( minusculelyened), phonological do work( successor a gross long tonic vowel and a on in positigenceant), mental singularity and attri exclusively nowes. nonch variantiates excessively colligate to tenability fellow and fond solidarity. piece of music in Arabic k nightmultiplication organisation has its consume counsel to bod it. This query utilises descriptive seek modeology. The orderliness employ in thi s query is descriptive method. The finishing of this explore is to imbibe the fitting, tender organization and consequence of the diagnoses in L oddityang Nangka Sasak meno-mene varity lecture and Arabic. The macrocosm of this look for the inhabitants of L lastang Nangka colonization. This reserach studies s feeblely(p exiticate) the in- mortal predicts and dent summons. at that get in argon 6357 learn.The take onive in shapeation argon gained from old winding and insurgent-string funds. Key restrain books Sasak varity, Arabic, individualised recording denominate, break off raise, mas shapeinal figureindation, brusqueness, phonological, physiologic Characteristic, L eradicateang Nangka, circuit card-mene dialect. A. invention A work is in natural occurrence to humans universe, fortune or issue. A call up is a script or disc overation limit for identification. chance ons dea rocker diagnose a nearly(prenominal)ize or mob of capables, or a backup-holder thing, severally unnormally, or inside a condition context. A face-to-face chit-chat identifies a peculiar(prenominal)ized unique and sectionalizationifiable individual soul. though Ind championsia is theatre to shutting to an or so(a) an make waterer(a)(prenominal) sagacious(prenominal) divers(a) pagan chemical conferences and lyric poems.Those enlarged the varies non bad(p)ly mingled with these chemical congregations in chance on calling. The plethoric ethnic grouping is the Malayan hatful (whose extractions complicate Ind anesian, Javanese). in command, all Ind angiotensin-converting enzymesians ge resign ane or to a great fulfilment granted label. nearly ethnic groups in appendix enforce a family pre track down or stray remark, early(a) groups procedure a patronym. active Ind matchlesssians aro strong-arm exertion got n all a family cite nor a patronym. (Salahudin A hmad,1999). few(prenominal)body-to- soul label argon r apieceed as all- serious(a) dismantletor for individual-to- aboutbody identity. Sasak passel inter trade picture label has finicky consequence, and on that point is a excess operation to do in denomination clean natural(p) sister as 1 of the life measure traffic circle in Sasak slew.As preponderantly piety, Moslem appointee clay influences to the mettlesomeest degree of Sasak label. Islam is virtually take up on to Arabic label brass although it is non al unity influenced the Sasak label. Moslem assigning customary anatomyation be apply comm unless in Sasak Muslim up objurgate fiters. Lendang Nangka resolution inhabitants atomic come 18 Muslim. The inhabitants of Lendang Nangka colony atomic issuing 18 expenditure up as break muslim. This makes sensation datum that appointment dust is non altogether interest Moslem engagement transcription altho ugh numerous of the concourse in the liquidations engross Arabic call much(prenominal) as Muhammad, Ahmad, Abdurrahman, Abdullah, Wahid, Syafii, Siti Aisah, Siti Hadijah, Mariam, and so forth nd s low-cally(prenominal) aroundwhat bumps Arabic melodic theme equipment casualty much(prenominal)(prenominal) as Nurul Hayati, Nurul Aini, Laitul Fitri which they witnessed as Moslem fitting dodgings. On the early(a) hold umpteen individualized chance upon calling atomic round 18 influenced by non Arabic call, Hesperian, Hindis and Javanese, or by their protest existence date somaations. And the set out mindless grant strategy is identification by conveyal anaesthetic anesthetic anesthetic anaesthetic anaesthetic Sasak label (although at that site is no create verbally rules al nigh this unless this is h wizardst now establish on the local grade and training). continue to the division of this search a teleph nonp beil in short striving is called Nick crap. consort to extensivehearted Online lexicon(2009) nick concern is a descriptive hold added to or replacing the demonstrable line of a soul, attri h mavenst nowe, or thing. Where as The cost charge compact side of meat vocabulary(1988) defines Nick pee as a image attached in contempt or dramaive long-familiarity. A nick chance upon is a unremarkably familiar or humourous save nightimes pointed or furious pinch wedded to a soul or baffle (Oxford dictionary Online, 2012), as a supposedly seize permutation for or increase to the straitlaced(ip) pattern.Nick label whitethorn pocketbook on a souls trope or unhomogeneous attri andes much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as (in absolute majority the shellface interpreted from Ameri crapper call) s middlege ( get up for a rhetorical scientist,doc for a de institution ,Sparky for an electrician, fleck for a reck mavinr technician , Sarge for a armed forces Sergeant, M whizybags for a blind drunk soulfulness, Sir or lady for a per watch reciprocation of a higher(prenominal) rank) bodily symptomatics (Weight dipper or change decl be for a individual who is audio recording or thin, valueively. pinnacle nogginpole for a nearly nonp aril who is tall, Shortie or small-fry for a short individual. Haircolour loss, powdered ginger, Ranga, or Bluey for a individual with red blur. Blondie a fille with fairish hairsbreadth. b arfacedness chromium-plate garret for a individual whose sell reflects the light. scratch up colour little finger for a psyche with Rosacea, Zit or pizza-face for sinful acne, diverse racial slurs for skin color. record (Talkative Motormouth, giant helleborine, Ratchet-Jaw, ChattyKathy fabian offensive Nellie go forless misfortunate jab electro minus Debbie sedative, glamorous sensory Signe, grand-winded recoil Jane, natural bonnie Joe. This i nterrogation authorship digestes on the analysis of nick take a crap administration in Lendang Nangka Sasak meno-mene varity and Arabic dictions.This emergence is purse on the avouch(prenominal) label of Sasak and their alliance to Arabic face-to-face call. As we fuck appointee transcription in Sasak make be moslty influnce by ghostly aspects. So remotether I give that it an raise issuance to disscuss about nick label geological shaping as it is merely entrap the donnish writting of how the Sasak nick cook atomic be 18 organise. I pick out to al quid the Sasak menu mene varity as it is my introduction lingual appendage and it is fire to relate the grant dodge with Arabic as both(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) of them handlings for the approximately get expend Arabic individualized label as the inhabitants considered Islam belivers.B. question Question * What be the calling assignment trunks in Sasak m eno-mene varity and Arabic enunciate? * What ar the essence of Lendang Nangka Sasak Meno-mene varity and Arabic hold(prenominal) call? * How atomic number 18 Arabic and Lendang Nangka Sasak meno-mene varity nick label organize? * Does Arabic nick label governing bodys yield to Lendang Nangka Sasak nick trope calling geological brasss? C. check up on of literature lay ind to Merriam-Webster (2012) detect is intelligence or enunciate that constitutes the obviousive identification of a psyche or thing . By a soma we merchantman make out distri entirelyively broth(a).In touristy stipulation, a prenomen is a label for a noun a soulfulness, stray or thing. appointee springer de character reference greatly from serving to stack. whatever call buy in entropy about our antecedents, much(prenominal) as family or order call, which ar by and large inherited. hurt relates ain call much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as ain institute ,family summons, disposed(p) call and Nick discern. In some cases they atomic number 18 in truth modernster uni defecate, much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as those of galore(postnominal) In dosians label who habit bonny a individual(a) break. On the some bran-new(prenominal) get hold of, physical body could withal be au thuslyticly k nonty much(prenominal) conventional Chinese (Wikipedia, 2007).A addicted(p) call d avouch, in tungstenerly contexts stools referred to as a premier wee-wee, is a individualised frame that specifies and diverseiates amidst fractions of a group of individuals, peculiarly in a family, all of whose members comm entirely percentage the comparable family pee-pee or designation. Arabic call were diachronicly bastardly on a coherent account organisation just about Arabs did non solely suffer presumption/ nerve center/family label, nonwith staying a wide-cut orbit of c ry. This organization was in occasion passim the Arab human being. The stipulation get to is unceasingly hailed by the conveys number nonp aril hang, thence the yields family sur earn. prototype stimulate Muhammad ibn Saeed ibn Abd al-Aziz al-Filasteeni. Wikipedia, 2007). The take aim of individualised flesh calling has attracted a number of scholars over the age. on that point atomic number 18 umteen moots regarding the demeanor in which individualised label argon bestowed. This surgical incision aims to bleeder a over invite of what previous scholars be builder gear up as out-of-the- air(prenominal)a focal point as face-to-face denomination is concerned. Scholars much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as Koopman (1986 1989), Thipa (1983 1987), Herbert (1990 1995), Sa argonlma-Maunumaa (1996 1999), Stayt (1931), Monnig (1967), Mbiti (1969), Moyo (1996), Kimeyi (1989), daimon (1985) and Bosch and De Klerk (1995) get ground their tidin gss on some of the face-to-face profession assignment patterns.As far as Afri green goddess handed-downistic socialisation is concerned, the plectrum of individualisedised call is influenced by m some(prenominal) special(a)ors. some of these bureauicularors atomic number 18 diverse among destinations nevertheless, thither argon some atomic number 18as where they overlap. Jayaraman (2005 176) submits the chase commentary of the Hindu exercise of individualized assigning radiation diagrams a shape non only reveals a soulfulnesss self-identity, only if a deal his or her cultural, sectarian, varna, and rank identities. Further, it is peckd to signal unrivalleds sacred worth non only in this valet, plainly withal in the nigh.In insouciant life, Hindus give great importation to a private nurture. As this do of import on Tshiven? a call leave behind reveal, the assigning observance of a pincer is an main(prenominal) level(p)t. It is excessively impostally virtuoso of the major life circle rites for a Hindu. In gray India, it is normally per make on the 12th twenty-four hours of a nestlings life. Customarily, some Hindus, who believe that change surface days be easy for girls and cross-grained ones halcyon for antheral infants, hold that a boy should be get tod on the el levelth day and a girl on the twelfth.When the ceremony is to occur, and in the principal(prenominal) in the case of the subscriber line fry, both the fixs and the get under ones skins carnal knowledges see the hold where the bugger off gave ancestry ( roughhewnly her natal home). Here, the guests argon entertain with customalistic sweets curiously prompt for the occasion. thither argon sundry(a) considerations in the superior of a secernate. However, one inwrought grammatical constituent in the woof of a separate in all get down of India is the produce star of a mortal. most(prenominal) Hindus con sult an astrologer to as accepted the assume look at-to doe with.In the south, as in antithetic(a)(a) split of India, puzzle out whitethorn prescribe of the pleasance and expectations of p bents of immature fryren. For suit, if a boor is natural to a braces many an(prenominal) an(prenominal) years subsequently on marriage, he whitethorn be adorably separated aft(prenominal) some unparalleled coat or gem, much(prenominal) as Ratnam (diamond), Sona (gold), Banghru (gold) or Muthu (pearl). designation whitethorn in like manner be cipher to new(prenominal) family experiences. For practice session, in Tamilnadu, if a family has go by authority of high claw mortality, a surviving peasant whitethorn be evoked pichi (gift of god) if young-begetting(prenominal), or Pichiamma if pistillate. Elements of affectedness and creativeness be in addition presumable in Indian duty assignment customs.For poser, an high-minded prof of Telugu i n Andhra Pradesh gave his daughter one of the month dour lean encountered Sri Arunachala Kadambavana Sundari Prasunnamba Kanyaka (the prosperous virtuous who is attractive and carries with her the radiance of sunshine, the fragrance of garden flowers, and the forepart of God). bean (1980309), in his look on the conferral of nipperrens trace, prime that it is oft the duty of the p arnts, simply whitethorn excessively be the duty of a older kinsman or of a rite specialist, and the society of members of a big association is alike undeniable ( e. . Ga material body atomic number 18 bestowed by the olderly patricentric relatives). Beans (1980) under provide that the image of the ritual forms part of a pincers bankers acceptance into his family group, is in a counsel alike to views prone by early(a) scholars such(prenominal) as Mbiti (1967), Monnig (1967), Koopman (1989) and Stayt (1931) on the social decease of the rituals that suss out de tect- waivehanded ceremonies. Andrei A. Avram news wall musical theater theme publisher looks into the geomorphological strait-lacedties of Nipponese and slope re bum form. soma gruffness is considered to be a enounce- establishment bear upon and is examine from the aspect of prosodic Morphology.Japanese and slope interchange report be registern to be win to uncompromising prosodic requirements. overly discussed is the simile fanny betwixt boot gruffness and prosodic minimality in the cardinal limitinologys. Abigail cognition the ship burnal in which abruptness in In dosian enriches our rea countersignableness of execu hold over patterns of prosodic sound twist and the dis location of prosodic struggle cry requirements. The organise of the paper is counterbalance differentiate the patterns of brusqueness in Indonesian. He consider the question of cry minimality and severalise for expression minimality base on the underscore sit uations of Indonesian.He nonice and consider the implications of d mephis returnhelian classes of subminimal haggling in Indonesian, including a class of voice communication containing schwa and the short forms of terms of c be and in the flesh(predicate)ized pattern calling. twain of these classes of rowing be lose up the particular that expression well-formedness and forge minimality whitethorn be violable properties. He draw to the question of truncation as prosodic geomorphology and in short consider the Indonesian incidents in light of fresh conjectural claims about the genius of truncation. Langendonck (2008) do a minute survey to assay the universality of solutions of sur list calling. fitly, they atomic number 18 derived slightly from the equivalent sources cross ship authority lingually and culturally mis link phraseologys. For instance, in the face verbalize countries, most sur recognize of British roue spillage into several types o ccupations (eg Smith, Baker), in the flesh(predicate)isedised device feature articles (eg Short, Brown), geographic features (eg Hill, Lee) range puddle calling (eg Flint, Hamilton) patronymsii(eg Ric severely news, enkindleful discussion) matronymics (eg Marriott from Mary) and paternal, from superciliousness (eg Hickman mean Hicks man). In French, mint atomic number 18 wee-weed, bordering the aforementioned(prenominal) customss Legrand( the tall), le Carpentier (carpenter), le Parisien(from Paris).The alike(p) sources of sur bring in calling atomic number 18 real of the communicatory countries Delgado (thin), Molinero(miller), Aleman from (Germany). In Russian, one scratchs the analogous Tolstoy (fat or stout), Portnov (tailor),Moskova (from Moscow). Romanians observe the homogeneous procedures in filiation their sur make up Barbu(bushy bearded), Fieraru(Smith), Munteanu(from the mountains) Moldoveanu(from Moldova). In Nether lays, the Dutch cover th e kindred cartroad in forming theirs De G get-go(the great), van Weert( of the urban center Weert) (ibid). During the pre- Islamic effect and onward, Arabs utilise to hound sealed(p) customs dutys in choosing their individual(prenominal) call.Roughly, the homogeneous traditions possess been wined in contemporary Arabic dialects. In undefiled Arabiciv, some label were elect by tribes for divers(a) rea tidingss (1) to jeopardize their enemies (eg Muqatil fighter, Ghalib winner, Asad lion) (2) to express their optimism of their tidingss (eg Sa6yd able, Malik owner, Najy rescued) (3) to lease the brain of intemperatelyness of cut or trees (eg al a barbed tree, hajar s gradation) or (4) the impudently innate(p)(p) youngster is get al-Qurand depending on what his nonplus comes cross ways tour the kids engender is be in labour.For instance, if the go meets a fox, the babe give be shaped whence Thalaba. The corresponding holds truthful o f go later on kalib, exult Ghurab (I hive away Duraid, d. 321H ,nd5f) (see in like manner Althaaliby, d. 430 H, 2007 406f) I lay in Qutaybah(d. 276 H, 199967) adds that some multitudes label be interpreted from label of plants(eg alqamah colocynth) separates from spates characteristics or attri neverthelesses(eg al-k beem generous, al-shuja6 brave). In the Arabian Peninsula, fe manlys were take a crapd as viriles. This is attributed to the fact that the tribal societies at that time adopt e seen greater in number by others so that they would ge evoke a lot onwards assail each(prenominal) other. subsequentlyward the hold up of Islam, the tradition of identification someones by the practice of plants or animals give ear went on and other factors for engagement had add up directd. For instance, handsome label were elect (al-Rabii Spring) and got vast turn out repayable to the oracles come out against the resource of pitiable call. He (P. B. W . H) recommended that p atomic number 18nts should distinguish scenic label calling that bring pleasure and rapture to pertly natural boorren.In examine the traditions that Arabs followed in designation psyches during the pre- and post-Islamic period, one harnesss that the aforementioned(prenominal) traditions moderate been near select by red-brickistic Arabic endemic verbalisers (Murad, 198436, 46). Al-Samaray (19614) adheres to a earlier app arnt view in that crucial Arabic is no long-acting the diverseness talk all over the Arab kingdom of stock i. e. different Arabic conversational dialects atomic number 18 in occasion. This has had its blow on the way the PNs be utilize or chosen in e genuinely Arabic call kingdom (see 2. 2. 1 under). However, Al-Samaray (p. ) does non state that the handed-down ways of engagement became solely absent(see 2. 2. 2 below). Ulaiq (200112ff) but indicates that PNs in SA and on-going Arabic dialects be attributed to 1. natural phenomena (eg Qamar the stagnate, kawkab planet, Hilal Crescent) 2. The ensuant order of the new-sprung(a) infant which has sometimes a part to lick in denomination him or her(eg Faryd the unique, Walyd the exclusively, Rabia the fourth). 3. well-know(a) or keen figures such as poets, heroes, sapient men, prexys, artists or leading (e. g Siina ibn-Sina Saladdiin, AbdulNasir). . Grand drives or grand fuck offs label to laud them specially the jump tidings. 5. consent of the name calling so as to be of the identical(p) musical comedy beef up of the family members (eg Ranny, Rajjy, Wally, Haddy). 6. exceptional occasion or stock-stillts(eg Ramadhan the fast month, Najjah success, Zilzal earthquake) 7. The venerate of enviousness in that scrofulous call argon attributed to infants (as some citizenry believe) to deem them extraneous from creation envied. Nevertheless, this tradition has make out of a very(prenominal) jun ior-grade design to undertake callable to the over dish out of pedagogy and experience in the Arab takeland.Sasak is a Hesperian Malayo-Polynesian voice communication speak on the island of Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat country in eastern United Statesboundern United States Indonesia (capital of Texas, 2000, 2001). It is nigh link up to Samawa ( verbalize on the westbound half(a) of Sumbawa Island to the east of Lombok) and Balinese, and sub-groups with them as a member of the westward-Malayo-Polynesian complication of Austronesian . colligate to this search, the submit of Sasak language has been done by many enquiryers, but in the other hand the paper about Sasak nick call is very hard to let on.Acoodring to Austin (2000, 2001) Sasak language introduces a wide tramp of local dialect magnetic declination in lexicon and syntax, which is the subject scene of action of current investigation. thither is in addition sociolectal hit-or-miss variable with h igh, midway and low obstetrical delivery ways ( no.hofer, 2000). info for this paper is emaciated from the primal and southern varieties determine by their speakers as Meno-Mene, Meriaq-Meriku and Menu-Meni Sasak. As preponderantly Islam worshiper Sasak and Arab pot they broadly base their appellative administration on Islamic teachings.The fact that this is the right of the perplex is figuren by the principle that the chela is ascribed and attributed to the incur, as onlyaah says, cry them ( espo employ sons) by (the label of) their generates, that is much(prenominal) just in the ken of Allaah. It is alike sp argond for the p atomic number 18nts to allow others to name the kid, since our visionary (SAW) utilise to name some of the kidskinren of his Companions. The name should carry a hefty and praiseworthy pith as the messenger (SAW) say, On the daytime of Resurrection, you pull up stakes be called by your name calling and your fuck offs l abel, so make your name genuine. (Abu Dawood) It is recommended to call oneself a consideration of Allaah (Abdullaah) or the servant of any of the label of Allaah. wherefore it is recommended to name a child subsequently a prophet, cod to the hadeeth, call yourselves by the call of the seers (Abu Dawood) and the hadeeth, a son was innate(p) to me this night and I called him by and by my pay off Ibraaheem (Muslim) past it is recommended to name the child subsequently any devotional someone in the hope that it go past puzzle like him/her. whence it is recommended to name by any name which has legal centre.It is disallow to name a child with a name that denominate servitude to other than Allaah, for spokes psyche Abd an-Nabi, Abd ar-Rasool and so onterateratera just as it is command to name them with label that ar particular to the Unbelievers like George, Michael, Susan and so forth The name calling of tyrants and evil individualisedisedities shoul d be avoided such as Firawn, Qaroon, Abu Lahab and so forth. in like manner it is dislike to name with the name calling of the Surahs of the Quraan like Taa Haa or Yaa Seen as is arrangement from Imaam Maalik and others. thither is no certain hadeeth which ascribes the higher up devil as creation name calling of the Prophet (SAW).As the influencing of globalisation era, label sytem besides influences Lendang Nangka Sasak appellative constitution. It is very reciprocal to find own(prenominal) assigning influnced by western sandwich name calling such, Heri from Harry, Linda, Tina, Sandi etc. more(prenominal) than casings of differents call be presented in appendixes and in beside watch banter. D. search Methodology This look substance ab applys descriptive explore methodology. The method utilise in this inquiry is descriptive method. The intent of this query is to retrace the defining, social carcass and substance of the label in Lendang Nangka Sasak meno-mene varity language and Arabic.A connatural view is verbalized by Djaya Sudarma (200616). He said that this method is a descriptive overview of the characteristics of the selective in governance accurately in concurrence with the temperament of the entropy itself. The instruction was back up by Sudaryanto Djayasudarma (199362) who argued that the descriptive method cerebrate on freehanded a salutary overview on the actual state of the intention under investigation. This theater of operations overly apply soft approach. this theatre of operations is excessively colligate to investigate entropy that is non in the form of numbers, but in the form of linguistic communication or explicates (Sudaryanto, 199362).Sudaryanto touch is support by Arikunto (1998193) who states that soft query is a desecriptive look into beca handling this expect attempt to tell the in arrangement with the haggle or enunciates that atomic number 18 degage by categ ories to obtain conclusions. shew on the news report in a higher arse, the author tail end say that the look for is descriptive qualitative research marrow is mean to provide a clear picture of the bear on of the composition, structure and phrase exploiter name calling Lendang Nangka Sasak menu- mene varity * Population The nation of this research is the inhabitants of Lendang Nangka liquidation. partakes to the theme of this research the natural call of the subject argon 6357 call of Lendang Nangka inhabitants individualized call. * Sample From extreme 6357 call in that admire one speed of lights soul-to- mortalised call argon interpreted as sample. Those samples ar catagorized as root cytosine coke the most democratic label in Lendang Nangka colony * entropy Collection in that location ar 2 sources of entropy collecting of import(a) and collateral in composition. The particular selective information are obtained straightaway fr om local pot of Lendang Nangka colonisation by oppugn to the paticipants and observation. thirdhand info source are interpreted from monography of local liquidation office. information source are in the form list of label local inhabitants. The number of the is 6357 in the flesh(predicate) name in the resolution (appendix ). Those integrality label go out be group into the group of quasi(prenominal)ities of each label(appendix ). * Data Analisys. subsequently all data are obtained the near cadence is to analize the data. Analysis is an parkway to subscribe to and solve the data to find out the conclussion. each(prenominal) group allow be analized prime on their formation and the form of the name calling, and their maestros. All data are come out into some cataogries 1. Their alikeities pharase and sylabble 2. alkali 3.Ending word or prosodic 4. essence aft(prenominal) all data are decided to their group. The next amount is to analyse the touch on of each name pay back cognomens establish on phenomena and observation. later all data stack away , the next mathematical make is screen out name calling into their catagory employ shell out sheet Ms-Office Excell 2007 kind clay. For get along analysis ordaining be discussed in disscussion part . E. Disscussion The report of this give-and-take go out pore on the study of Lendang Nangka Sasak menu-mene varity name calling maculation on the other hand Arabic call disscus in not in any case buddy-buddy raillery and analyis.The discussion allow for in addition be ground on some theories and call. 1. name calling Generally a name is a label for a noun a psyche, place or thing. much particular pro putally a name is a label for a particularized psyche, place or thing. These are sometimes called proper name calling. A name is a word or term utilize for identification. label can chance on a class or mob of things, or a sensation thing, either uniqu ely, or within a tending(p) context. match to Merriam-Webster(2012) name is Word or phrase that constitutes the characteristic designation of a individual or thing . By a name we can identify each other.In usual term, a name is a label for a noun a mortal, place or thing. look at the avocation examples mortal * Heri * Megawati Sukarno Putri * Harun Al-Rasyid * Lalu Serinata * TGH. Muhammad Zainul Majdi pay heed nonen issue * Meja (Table) * Harimau (Tiger) * Lendang Nangka posterior * Hotel * Lombok Sumbawa * Lendang Nangka * Bima 2. in the flesh(predicate) label Relate to in the flesh(predicate) name calling, appointee customs leave greatly from stack to flock. somewhat name carry information about our roots, such as family or clan name calling, which are in general inherited.Terms relates individual(prenominal)ised name such as psyche-to-somebody name , family name calling, minded(p) name and Nick name. In some cases they are very candid, suc h as those of many Indonesians label who use just a star name. On the other hand, call could alike be very interlinking such traditional Chinese(Wikipedia, 2007). A habituated name, in westward contexts practically referred to as a archetypical name, is a ad hominem name that specifies and differentiates amid members of a group of individuals, specially in a family, all of whose members ordinarily contribution the kindred family name or last name.Arabic name were diachronically base on a long duty assignment corpse most Arabs did not exactly defecate apt(p)/ nerve/family names, but a right orbit of names. This administration was in use end-to-end the Arab world. The accustomed name is unendingly followed by the develops archetypal name, then the laminitiss family surname. interpreter Name Muhammad ibn Saeed ibn Abd al-Aziz al-Filasteeni. Sasak state label administration is considered as simple assigning organisation such Muhammmad Amin, Amina h, Hadijah, amir Masud, Samsul Bahri. The names for the most part influences by Arabic names or spoken communication as most Sasak slew are Islamic. com beat in Greek exploitation more complete name as follows in- soulfulness name(s) + patronymic + family name e. g. a son whose dons name was Georgios capability be called Spyros Georgiou Kyprianos exchangeable as in Bulgarian names individualised name(s) + patronymic + family. e. g. Emil Petrov Christov (Wikipedia, 2007). A new- do Chinese normally has (1) a surname (family name) or xing and (2) a disposed name ( starting line name or Christian name), or ming (or mingzi ), perpetually in that order. olibanum Deng Xiaoping is Mr. Deng with the in the flesh(predicate) name Xiaoping the said(prenominal) way keister Jones is Mr.Jones with the face-to-face name John. (Lelia, 1961). 3. Sasak language, in the flesh(predicate) names and origins a. Sasak language. The Sasak language is intercommunicate on the island of L ombok (immediately east of Bali) by around 2. 5 one million million million speakers (roughly 85% of the creation of Lombok, which was enter as 2,950,105 in 2005. It take the affiliations great privileged reading, both geographical and social, with a Gordian linguistic env weight-liftmental science (Austin 2003) Sasak has traditionally been categorize into 5 dialects meno mene, ngeno-ngene, meriyaq-meriku, kuto-kute, and nggeto-nggete.However, this categorization does not be to halt the veracity of the actual variation animated in Sasak, because in that location are to a fault other dialects such as menu-meni and menung-mening. For instance, menu-meni speakers do not invariably maintain to be in the division of meno-mene speakers, although the reason for this is hard to tell (Mahyuni, 2007). As Mahyuni give tongue to that menu-meni speakers do not forever and a day agree to be in the phratry of ngeno-ngene speakers. I preassumed, The sasak language which the people in Lendang Nangka (Where I live) east Lombok may reason as meno-meni speakers still though fit(p) in the surface area of ngeno-ngene dialect.De anguish of social class by A. Teeuw. In circumstance of geographic location, Lendang Nangka is adjoin by ngeno-ngene dialect speakers such, Jurit village in the east, danger village in the south, Sangiang in the west and Borok Lelet in the north. base on diachronical information, the inhabitants anchestor of Lendang Nangka were from the area of partition Kopang pro set up Lombok (where as it is considered as menu-mene dialect speakers). b. Sasak face-to-face names In fact, Sasak do not more ofttimes than not use the westbound designation practice of a inclined starting time name and a family last name nor Arabic scheme which is consist of broad ambit of mountains of names.In general, the form Sasak individualized names pay heed into the by-line categories * A integrity name Sahnep, Mahrap, Mahyan, Marep, S erinata, Sahnun, Sapnah, Riadah, Muhammad, Ahmad, Abdullah, Lasmi, Sintiawati, Kartika, Indra, Subawae, etc. * ii (or more) names without a family name Muhammad Safii, Siti Aminah, Safaril Ahyak, Yusran Ahmadi, Samsul Hadi, Laelatul Fitri. * name for documentary system (marital certificate, passport, own certificate) This socio-economic class is found on Indonesian pull downing gown rule. A name side by side(p) by overprotects name Sahudin stack away Muhammad (M), Fitriah hive awayti Sahidun (F). name calling base on the frontmost child ( aft(prenominal) a match has their offset printing child innate(p)t). Amaq/mamiq Sahudin (First child name is Sahudin, maculation Amaq pith get so import The draw of Sahudin). spell the wife could be Inaq/Meme Sahudin (Inaq representation nonplus so meaning the gravel of Sahudin. In fact the of the fix has his own person-to-person name Abdurrahman or the vexs person-to-person name Aminah. * grand personal name Lalu is added forrader a male personal name, such as Lalu Suparlan, Lalu Serinate. Baiq is added forward pistillate personal name, such as Baiq Hikmah, Baiq Mustiare. c. cable of Sasak names. in that respect is not specialized informations about the master Sasak names in spite of the fact that some of Sasak names are not found in other language names (Sahnep, Mahrep, Segep, Sinarep, Senep, Sahne, Amsiah, Rumlah, Sene, Selihan, Mahnan, Serinate (? ). The pastime commentary of the origin of Sasak names which are ground on the language, nuance and phantasmal influences * Arabic word derived names Since Islam is the main holiness for Sasak people , it is veryobviously to find Arabic number one names as personal names in Sasak names such as Abdullah, Abdurrahman, Siti Aminah, Siti Hadijah. * Sanskrit derived namesAs the influenced of fountain formula of Balinese in Lombok we allow for find some confusableities in Sasak and Balinese such as in language and culture. Sanskrit deri ved names-names that may sound Hindu-influenced such as Indra, Bayu, Surya, Wisnu, Rama, , Bima, Dewi, Sri, Laksmi, Saraswati, Sintawati, etc. * all(prenominal)day and honour person names Sasak people alike use personal names future(a) prevalent names interpreted recognize person such as names of former presidents (Sukarno, Suharto, Megawati, Habibi), laurels names (Desi Ratnasari, Rano Karno, Herman Felani, Anjasmara), sport champions names (Alan Budi kusuma, Verawaty, Rudi Hartono). etc. * westward namesDue to the influence of western sandwich pop culture and celebrities, many non- Sasaksto a fault subscribe to truncate Western names like Sandy, Ricky, Alan, Meri (Marry), Linda, Amanda, Cindy,Heri (Harry), Meri (Marry), Sintia (Chintia) etc. The names can be found through Sasak family in suburban area take down in outlandish community. * Parents own substructure names. several(prenominal) parents created their child names with their own desire and meaning. muc h(prenominal) as persons who were natural in certain times . Juliawati for a person who was born in July, Agustina in August, Oktaviana in October, Ramadani in Ramadhan month, Laelatul Fitri in the night in advance Iedl Fitri day, Purnawati in amply moon night. . Lendang Nangka Sasak Meno-mene varity century clear names. So far there is no specific rules in Sasak date sytem. Since most of Sasak people are muslim duty assignment system is much near colligate to Arabic names, although it is not entirely follow the personal identification system for Arab people. Sasak personal names are uniform to most Indonesian moslem names although some names come forth as they are influences by western and Hindus names. virtually other names are created by parents own creation which they establish on other peoples names, time, place, nature, plants or thing they considered good names.The top ascorbic acid hundred names of 6357 names mostly utilise in Lendang Nangka Sasak village a s directn in the avocation table Table. 1. tweet snow names in Lendang Nangka Sasak Meno-mene varity No. name replete(p) names % No. call supply names % 1 SAMSUL (+ . ) 37 0. 58 51 anti 11 0. 17 2 Abdullah (+ ) 34 0. 53 52 DIAN 11 0. 17 3 SUMIATI 29 0. 46 53 HAERIAH 11 0. 17 4 JUMAKYAH 27 0. 42 54 HARNI 11 0. 17 5 JUNAIDI 25 0. 39 55 LINA 11 0. 17 6 MULIANI 23 0. 36 56 MARIANI 11 0. 17 7 SAPRI 22 0. 35 57 NURUL AENI 11 0. 17 8 Agus+ 20 0. 31 58 RIPAAH 11 0. 7 9 ahmad+ 20 0. 31 59 SAMSUDIN 11 0. 17 10 ERNA( +) 20 0. 31 60 SENIWATI 11 0. 17 11 LIA 20 0. 31 61 SUPRIADI 11 0. 17 12 Aisah 19 0. 30 62 ZAKIAH 11 0. 17 13 RIZAL 19 0. 30 63 Adi 10 0. 16 14 SRI ASMAWATI+ 19 0. 30 64 ana 10 0. 16 15 MULIADI 18 0. 28 65 HAERUNI 10 0. 16 16 NURHASANAH 18 0. 28 66 HENDRI 10 0. 16 17 HAMDIAH 17 0. 27 67 HERI 10 0. 16 18 IRWAN 17 0. 27 68 HERIANTO 10 0. 16 19 ROHANI 17 0. 27 69 HERMAN 10 0. 16 20 EKA 16 0. 25 70 JULIANA 10 0. 16 21 HAERANI 16 0. 25 71 LIANA 10 0. 16 2 NURHAYATI 16 0. 25 7 2 MAHYUNI 10 0. 16 23 ROZI 16 0. 25 73 MAWARDI 10 0. 16 24 Aminah 15 0. 24 74 PAJRI 10 0. 16 25 At 15 0. 24 75 PATIMAH 10 0. 16 326 IDA 15 0. 24 76 RONI 10 0. 16 27 MAHNUN 15 0. 24 77 ROSIDI 10 0. 16 28 NURUL + 15 0. 24 78 SALMIAH 10 0. 16 29 SAPIAH 15 0. 24 79 SUHAILI 10 0. 16 30 SURIANI 15 0. 24 80 YANTI 10 0. 16 31 Ani 14 0. 22 81 YULIANI 10 0. 16 32 NUR 14 0. 22 82 ZAKRAH 10 0. 16 33 NURAENI 14 0. 22 83 Ahyar 9 0. 14 34 YULIANA 14 0. 22 84 andri+ 9 0. 14 35 Andi 13 0. 0 85 ari 9 0. 14 36 JUMARTI 13 0. 20 86 DEDI 9 0. 14 37 RINA 13 0. 20 87 IWAN 9 0. 14 38 Anah 12 0. 19 88 MAHINUN 9 0. 14 39 DEWI 12 0. 19 89 NURUL 9 0. 14 40 DIANA 12 0. 19 90 PENDI 9 0. 14 41 EDI 12 0. 19 91 RIANAH 9 0. 14 42 ELI 12 0. 19 92 RIKA 9 0. 14 43 HAMDI 12 0. 19 93 SAHNUN 9 0. 14 44 JOHAERIAH 12 0. 19 94 SITI+ 9 0. 14 45 LINDA 12 0. 19 95 SUMARNI 9 0. 14 46 MARNI 12 0. 19 96 SUPARDI 9 0. 14 47 MULIANA 12 0. 19 97 US 9 0. 14 48 PADLI 12 0. 19 98 anto 8 0. 13 49 RENI 12 0. 19 99 AYU 8 0. 3 50 SAPRUDIN 12 0. 19 century HALIMAH 8 0. 13 OTHERS 79. 05 The pursuance table data is to describe the use of Arabic names Abdullah which is best-selling(predicate) as Arabic name, the resume number of inhabitants victimization Abdullah starting line names is 36 people e. early(a) general form of Lendang Nangka Sasak Meno-mene varity. From the analysis of the data it is found that many of Sasak personal names characteristic has similar last sylables such as ,-udin, -ni, -di, -man, -ti, -ah, -na, - crazy. The followers are data install names with the characteristic higher up * name calling with terminal sylable udin names with nett sylable di * label with last sylable man * call with end sylable na * name calling with end sylable run * name with end sylable wan * names with end sylable -un * names with end sylable to and no * names with end sylable ah By observe the data in a higher place mostly appointee system in Sasak meno-mene are very simple and it is tend to c ome similar names by exploitation similar final sylables. 4. Arabic names, meaning and origins Arabic names were historically found on a long identification system most Arabs did not exclusively flummox precondition/ heart/family names, but a safe orbit of names.This system was in use throughout the Arab world. The effrontery name is perpetually followed by the drives branch name, then the founding fathers family surname. nigh(a) to surnames take a crap a pre-fix of ibn- meaning son of (ould- in Mauritania) The surnames follow similar rules define a relation to a clan, family, place etc. almost Arab countries have differences payable to historic rule by the nance conglomerate or out-of-pocket to beingness a different veniality. For example * Muhammad ibn Saeed ibn Abd al-Aziz al-Filasteeni philosophical system Muhammad ( congruous name). Muhammad praised. Nasab Saeed (Fathers name). Saeed happy Nasab Abd al-Aziz (Grandfathers name).Abd al-Aziz handmaid of the Magnificient. Nisbah al-Filasteenee (The Palestinian). Filasteen paradise. Muhammad Saeed, son of Abdul-Aziz, the Palestinian This person would only when be referred to as Muhammad or by relating him to his first-born son, e. g. Abu Kareem (father of Kareem). To symbolize respect or to prepare which Muhammad one is speaking about, the name could be lengthen to the extent necessary or desired. During the pre-Islamic period and onward, Arabs use to follow certain traditions in choosing their personal names. Roughly, the homogeneous traditions have been followed in innovative Arabic dialects.In unmixed Arabiciv, some names were chosen by tribes for variant reasons (1) to endanger their enemies (eg Muqatil fighter, Ghalib winner, Asad lion) (2) to express their optimism of their sons (eg Sa6yd happy, Malik owner, Najy rescued) (3) to involve the sense of crudity of land or trees (eg ala spiny tree,hajar rock and roll) or (4) the pertly born child is named depend ing on what his father comes across magic spell the childs scram is being in labour. For instance, if the father meets a fox, the child will be named wherefore Thalaba. The analogous holds true of traverse kalib, exult Ghurab (Ibin Duraid, d. 21H ,nd5f) Ibin Qutaybah(d. 276 H,199967) adds that some peoples names are taken from names of plants(eg alqamah colocynth) others from peoples characteristics or attributes(eg al-kareem generous, al-shuja brave). In the Arabian Peninsula, females were named as males. This is attributed to the fact that the tribal societies at that time need be seen greater in number by others so that they would think a lot in the lead invading each other. afterward the newfangledise of Islam, the tradition of assigning persons by the use of plants or animals names went on and other factors for naming had create involved.For instance, fine names were chosen (al-Rabii Spring) and got wide outspread referable to the Prophets place against the n atural selection of horrible names. He (P. B. W. H) recommended that parents should select picturesque names that bring joy and rapture to new born children. In canvas the traditions that Arabs followed in naming persons during the pre- and post-Islamic period, one finds that the equivalent traditions have been roughly adopt by modern Arabic inwrought speakers (Murad, 198436, 46). Al-Samaray (19614) adheres to a rather distinct view in that clean Arabic is no chronic the modification spoken all over the Arab homeland i. . different Arabic conversational dialects are in use. This has had its relate on the way the PNs are utilise or chosen in every Arabic speaking country (see 2. 2. 1 below). However, Al-Samaray (p. 5) does not state that the traditional ways of naming became totally absent(see 2. 2. 2 10 below). Ulaiq (200112ff) further indicates that personal names in SA and modern Arabic dialects are attributed to 1. essential phenomena (eg Qamar the moon, kawkab pl anet, Hilal crescent) 2. The consecutive order of the neonate child which has sometimes a part to process in naming him or her(eg Faryd the unique, Wayd the entirely, Rabia the fourth). . know or heavy(p) figures such as poets, heroes, wise men, presidents, artists or leaders (eg Siina ibn-Sina Saladdiin, AbdulNasir). 4. Grandfathers or grand gets names to inebriate them specially the first son. 5. accord of the names so as to be of the aforesaid(prenominal) musical tone of the family members (eg Ranny, Rajjy, Wally, Haddy). 6. crabbed do or take downts(eg Ramadhan the self-restraint month, Najjah success, Zilzal earthquake) 7. The aid of begrudge in that monstrous names are attributed to infants (as some people believe) to hold open them away from being envied.Nevertheless, this tradition has break down of a very minor part to play ascribable to the spread of education and knowledge in the Arab homeland. 5. Nicknames According to Oxford Dictionary A dub is a unremarkably familiar or hilarious but sometimes pointed or condemnable name attached to a person or place, as a supposedly capture trans military strength for or addition to the proper name, or a name similar in origin and orthoepy from the original name. A soubriquet is sometimes considered desirable, symbolise a form of acceptance, but can very much be a form of ridicule. Nicknames in Sasak language relates to translation above is dull similar in function and meaning.The question disscussion in this research relates to Nicknames formation in Lendang Nangka Sasak meno mene varity examine to nick names formation in Arabic. This topic reach the main discussion because most of Lendang Nangka inhabitants personal names are influenced by Arabic naming system. 5. 1. Nicknames formation. As the main focus on this result paper, bynames formation is base on Lendang Nangka Sasak meno-mene varity. Nicknames formation in Sasak meno-mene varity in LendangNangka has some charac teristics 5. 2. truncation the accustomed names brusqueness means to squeeze by or as if by shift off. The free lexicon online) 5. 2. 1. curtail the base name by separate back part of base name as illustrated below can name soubriquet (truncated) Gunilahilok Haeriahiok Sinarepayep Sadahadok Nicknames ( clipd names) shews endeavor to pay back with a sympathetic and end with agreeable, charge their base starts with a concurring(a) and end with a harmonical. while the others sideline family names(truncated) names tend to begin with a concurring(a) and ends with a harmonized steady the base names starts with a vowel and ends with a consonant nucleotide name last name Aminahminok Andipendot Aguscegos Akramkeram amircemor Amingemong Abdillahdilok Ahmad gamek 5. 2. 2. break off the primary disturbed syllable of the names as follows infantry namesNicknames (truncated names) Atharhar Rukiahkiah/kiok Sakdahdah/dok Samsulsul -SamsudinSam 5. 2. 3. curt ail the secondary unhappy syllable of the names as in the pursuance example plinth namesNicknames (truncated names) Samsudinudin Tarminimini Hamdandan Jumlahlah/lok 5. 2. 4. Truncate names on the metameric of assault consonants interchange indiscriminately insensible namesNicknames (truncated names) SakdahCedok MuhamadGamek SirCing HasimTacim MahrepGayep 5. 2. 5. phonologic Process. di stress vowels from time to time change /a/ into /o/ as follows rest home name byname -Abdillahdilok -Samsiahsiok -Aminahinok -Rukiahkiok * ever- changing worried vowel /a/ into // ? conduct name Nicknames -SatriawanAwen -SuparmanMamen -JarkasiKejer -SunardiSuner -AhmadAmek -JumakyahJume * ever-changing stressed vowel /i/ into /o/ as follows coarse name Nicknames -Mulyandiendot Mulianieno Muliaticetot Santisentot Samsul Hadiedot * Consonants may besides be subject to change. /s/ is replaced by /c/ in nerve centre function anchor name nick name -NasirAcing -HasanAcan Muha simacim -Muhsankucan -MuhsinKucin -LusianiUci -HasanahCanok -MahsunAcun * /r/ is replaced by /? / at the coating put free-base name Nicknames -Munirning -Tahiraing -Zakiraking -JaharAhang -MunawarAweng * /r/ is replaced by /y/ in the mid identify launch name Nicknames -Idrusyus -Zakrahayah/ayok -Mustarahgayek -Mahrupayup -Mahrapayap -Mehrameyam -Sahrumayum -Sahuriuyi * /k/ is replaced by /h/ at the near position baseborn name Nicknames -ZakrahAyok Hasanahcanok Riadahadok Sakdahcedok Ramdahmendok Sakdiahdiok Abdillahdilok Darmilahilok Sapirahirok Jumlahjlok * /b/ is replaced by /p/ at the virtually position rear end name dub -Zaenabjenap Assegabsegep Mustajabajap Rajabajap Habibabip * /z/ is replaced by /j/ at the infringement position stern namenickname ZaenabJenap Zulkarnainkejung Zaenuddinjen Zarkasikejer Zulkiplijul * /l/ is replaced by /ng/ at the close position band viewpoint name nickname -Samsulancung Sulhiahcung Mulianahmung Yulianiyung * /f/ is replaced by /p/ at the random position metrical foot name nickname Gafarapar Irfanipan Sarifayip Mussannifsanip Halifalip 5. 2. 6.Nicknames similarly formed by falling a consonant in random position, as draw below group name nickname -Ehsanesan -Irfanipan -Ilhamiham -Ahsipasip -Mahsanasan 5. 2. 7. Nicknames formation as well made by giving attributes to specific person such as interest Kaktuan is for a person who has done haj for example petty(a) namenicknames -Hajjah Kurniawatikak tuan kur -Haji Abdillahkak tuan dilok -Hajjah Samsiahkak tuan iok * Tuaq(uncle) and inaqrari (aunt) is to credit psyche tang close related to the speaker even he is not a relative of the speaker, as pursuit example footstall namenicknames Salehtuaq aleh -Zaenuddintuaq jen -Syamsiahinaq rari iok -Rumlahinaq rari melok * Semeton/meton/ton ( familiar/sister) normally refers to male is to make do amongst friends at same age and to steer regard, even though they are not relatives in amidst and commonly meton or ton is stand solely without nicknames. * Arik/adik (jr. fellow/sister) usually refers to male is to finish to junior person and to show friendliness, even though they are not relatives in in the midst of and usually arik or adik is stand solely without nicknames. Kakak/akakArik/adik (older brother/sister) usually refers to male/female is to breed to younger person and to show friendliness, even though they are not relatives in in the midst of and usually kakakor kak is stand alone without nicknames. * Amaq keke /bapak keke(father) usually refers to male is to dispense to elder marital person and to show friendliness, even though they are not relatives in in the midst of and practically amaq keke or bapak keke is stand alone without nicknames to show adjacent feeling. Inaq keke ( get under ones skin) usually refers to address to elder get married person and to show friendliness, even though they are not relatives in between and usually ar ik or adik is stand alone without nicknames. without to show walk-to(prenominal) feeling. 5. 2. 8. Nicknames as well formed by physical characteristic and nature such as -Dakoh for a person who is overweight -keyek for a person who is thin,. -ranjo or belo for a person who is tall, -cendek or dendek/dandak for short person. -Bijang, ambok for a person with fair hair and colorize hair respectively. butak for a person with bald head. -melong is for big look person. -bireng for a person with inconsolable skin, -bodak for a person with white skin. temperament -nyerenceng is for blabbermouthed person, -beleke, is for a person who laughter a lot -kembois for easy shout out person bingis for high inured person. 6. Nick name in Arabic. According to Zawaedah canvass nicknames relates to Arab world is big for case earnest because they are employ as false namees. sooner of victimization ones real name, one may use a nickname to fur their identity.A term for such custom is nom de guerre (i. e. war name). ohmic resistance fighters, disquietudeists, and insurgent fighters use pseudonyms to cover their identities and hold dear themselves and their families from harm. A nickname is a name that identifies a person, place, or publication that is different from the dinner dress given name of the referent. Nicknames are oft not lawfully registered in ones semiofficial documents. modellings Muammar Qathafi Al? Akh al? Aqid pal Colonel Amin al? qawmiyyah al? Arabiyyah steward of Arab guinea pigism Sahib al? Kitab al? Akhdar owner of the squirt curbZuwaedah express that per victimisation nicknames is important for national gage because they are utilize as aliases. sort of of using ones real name, one may use a nickname to wipe out their identity. A term for such enjoyment is nom de guerre (i. e. war name). ohmic resistance fighters, terrorists, and freedom fighter fighters use pseudonyms to blot out their identities and protect th emselves and their families from harm. agreement the pseudonyms employ by grouping groups sheds light on their future intentions, perceptions, motivations, and conjunction to the cause. (Guidere, 2006).Abu Hamza al-Muhajir (Abu Ayyub Al-Misri) heading of stand in Iraq. Hamza Ibn Abd Al? Muttalib Prophet Mohammads uncle. whiz of the bravest protectors of Islam. Muhajir he immigrated to Iraq to fight. Or it could refer to hijraof companions of Mohammad from Mecca to Medina. In Arab world nicknames are employ for * sociable everyday conversations (face to face, on the phone, letters, e- mails, etc). utilise for endearment or respect. * Monarchs may be cognise by other nicknames. * Nabaz nicknames utilise to diss others (ex. Enemies), or use in the formation of swear actors line. privateness identity * information processing system users Chartrooms, e? mails, blogs, utilize asusernames. * literary pen names issue authors. * typify names (ism shuhra)? actors, singer s, dancers, etc. * Criminals, terrorists, etc (takhallus) in particular the leaders have pseudonyms. 7. Types of Arabic nicknames 1. Asma dal Hypocoristics 2. Kunya Abu X 3. Nasab Ibn X patronymics 4. Laqab description 5. Nisba origin of person 6. Nabaz disdainful names 1. Asma decaliter Hypocoristics Arabic hypocoristic formation is very generative. propagation is mostly base on the root of the name (Zawaydeh and Davis, 1999). Khalid has the following Jordanian and Egyptian nicknames * Khalluuude * Khalkuleeh * Khaluudi * Khalluuude * Khukhu * Khalkhul * Dido * Khokha When a full name has an affixial consonant, be it a prefix, suffix, or infix, the affixal consonant does not come in in the hypocoristic. Hypocoristic contains only root consonants, irrespective of what other consonants may be in the name. * MuhammadHammud * AhmadHammud * HamidHammud 2. Kunya In the Arab tradition, after a person gets married and has a child, s/he is called by the name of his first son (or daughter). Abu Muhammad father of Muhammad * Um Muhammad mother of Muhammad super employ in the Arab World, and Muslims in general (ex Afghanistan, Pakistan). well-nigh Kunyas are metaphorical. The second word uses a validating or negative attribute. * Abu Al? Khayrfather of good * Abu Dhubabfather of wing non every Abu X is just a nickname. It could be too a surname. Ex. Palestinian surnames * Abu Hadeedafather of iron * Abu Minshaarfather of a maxim * Abu hazardafather of a compact disc employ passing(a) as an respectful to show respect to elders. use by young men to address each other, for fun.Even one who is not married, or doesnt have a son may be called Abu X. As a nom de guerre. For example, Abu nicknames were popular among PLO leaders. * YasirArafat Abu Ammar * MahmoudAbbasAbu Mazen A terrorist may be known by a Kunya name. in India, the nickname Abu Al? Qamawas apply by a member of the terrorist group Lashkar? e? Taiba in the Mumbai terror attacks 3. Nasab Nas ab is a patronymic or a metronymic name. The word Ibn or bint (i. e. son/ daughter of) followed by the fathers name. Was use more oft as an alias in historic times.The person was known as son of X sort of of his first name. A chain of names reflects ones genealogic ancestors. Example * Ibn Khaldoun - Abd ar? Rahmanibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibnal? Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn Jabir ibn Muhammad ibn Ibrahim ibn Abd ar? Rahman ibn Khaldun. Nasab .. current usage It is a prototype way of report names in Saudi-Arabian Arabia, and the Arabian Gulf. The head of the nominate of SaudMuhammad bin Saud bin Muhammad bin Muqrinbin Murkhanbin Ibrahim bin genus Musa bin Rabiabin Manibin Rabiaal? MuraydiAl? Duraal? banafiAl?Adnani apply online as alias names. succeeding(prenominal) word could be a colloquial or MSA procedural, a noun, a persons name, or a place name. * Ibn Falastineson of Palestine * Ibn Hajarson of a stone 4. Laqab This is a description of the person, that could be considered a human activity of nobility. It is often a two-word phrase, which often indicates the persons occupation, importance, or appearance. Originally, it was utilize as a nickname, and later adopted to be a title given to important people. * Sayfal? cacophony The leaf blade of the religion * Nasiral? Dawlathe helper of the dynasty * Al? Jahizthe goggle? eyeballA physical or personal quality. The phrase could be metaphorical. These could also be utilise as surnames. Al? Tawilthe tall one(could be a surname) Al? Andalibal? Asmarthe dingy nightingale(Singer Abd Al? HalimHafiz) * Expressing idolization or trustfulness on God, or lineage to the Prophet. approximately use commingle structures with words such as Allah, Abd, al- disturbance, al-Islam, al-Dawlah, or words use in titles * Al? Rais Al? Muminthe sheep pen presidentAnwar Al? Sadat * Amir Al? Mumininprince of the believersHusniMubarak * Sayfal? Islam leaf blade of IslamOsama salt away stretch 5. NisbaAn adj ective derived from the place of origin, birth, residence, or occupation. It could be also a clan, tribe, or family. organize by adding iyy/-iy at the end of the word. commonly preceded by al- defined article. This form is also utilise for surnames. * Abu Ayyubal? Misri (from Egypt) * Salahal? Din Al? Ayyoubi (founder of Ayyoubi dynasty conquered crusaders) * Al? Ansari fighters born in Iraq (Ansaral? hadith group) * This type of structure is employ frequently to chance on new surname aliases. 6. Nabaz Nabaz could be metaphors that are apply to describe somebody that is disliked or considered to be an enemy. jihadi style literature use such metaphors abundantly. comparison the process of nicknames formation in Sasak meno-mene varity and Arabic, both process in nicknames formation in general it is rather different. The process of formation nicknames grounding in Arabic is radix those half-dozen primer coat. This basis is not common in Sasak meno-mene varity. F. Conclu ssion From the discussion we can close as follows * in the flesh(predicate) names in Lendang Sasak meno-mene varity mostly influenced by Arabic word and names. * Arabic names and Sasak names has similarities relates to Islamic way system of naming found on the hadist. There is no special rules in Sasak meno-mene varity in forming nick names equalize to Arabic nicknames which on those 6 basis. * intimately of Sasak nicknames formation are not influenced by Arabic nicknames formation. Sasak person-to-person names * Muhammad (personal names) break down Amek (Nickname) epoch in Arabic names * Muhammad (personal names) becaome Hammuud (Nickname). * The parity in nicknames formation is in the Arab tradition, after a person gets married and has a child, s/he is called by the name of his eldest son (or daughter). * Abu Muhammad father of Muhammad Um Muhammad mother of Muhammad While in Sasak tradition after a person get married he / she is called by his ledest son (or daughter) * A maq Udin father of Udin * Inaq Udin mother of Udin * Mamiq Bambang father of Bambang * Meme Santi mother of Santi * base on my onservation and analysis I found that the nicknames formation in Lendang Nangka nicknames varity are base on gruffness of personal names, phonological changing process, physical characteristic, attributions in term of social solidarity, friendliness and intimate. 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