Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Marketing Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Marketing Planning - Essay Example HSBC has a network of 6,600 offices in all these regions. It is a public limited company headquartered in England (HSBC, 2013a). This bank was originally established with the aim of facilitating trade between two most important trade partners in the world during the mid 19th century; China and the countries in Europe. The Chinese economy had been progressing for all these 150 years, due to which, since the 19th century the bank has occupied a good position to reap real benefits from the rapid GDP growth of the Chinese economy. However, the financial break down that occurred in the last decade, increased regulatory activities and led to higher scrutiny of the financial transactions taking place all over the world. In 2012, the HSBC bank faced strong regulation by the international organizations. Public scrutiny can potentially cost the bank many billion dollars. This paper presents a marketing plan for the bank framed according to the SOSTAC structure. Organizational structure Organiz ational structure refers to the relationships that are established in any firm. It refers to the hierarchical structure within the organization. Hierarchy is created with the organization by way of the rules set down for the functionalities and responsibilities at different levels of the organization and also the way in which the relationships are maintained among the employees at different levels. ... This structure describes the level of communication among the employees working at the same level within the organization (Vos and Schoemaker, 2005). High level of transparency in communication among the employees creates a number of benefits; easier flow of communication among employees, minimal bureaucracy and most importantly a pleasant working atmosphere. Increased transparency allows the employees to work with a relaxed mood. Furthermore, HSBC promotes a very informal work culture within the company. This culture allows employees to solve any kind of discrepancy to be solved informally. It also motivates employees and reduces job related stress. In turn it helps the organization to improve overall employee performance. Mission, vision and values HSBC bank has the vision of becoming â€Å"the leading international Bank† (HSBC, 2013b) in the world. The organization has certain missions that it follows in order to achieve their vision. The mission of the bank is to set up a network among all its customers by offering them top ranked service. The bank is growth oriented and all activities of the bank follow the growth objective of the organization. Precisely, the mission of the bank is â€Å"connecting customers to opportunities† (HSBC, 2013b). The bank wants to play a fulfilling role in helping people realize their dreams and achieve their ambition. By successfully following this mission the organization can enable its clients to make more profitable business. It helps economies to thrive and make prosperous economic activities. This is the purpose with which the bank operates. Organizational values The company holds high value regarding its own principles and also about the values of the clients that engage in business

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