Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Answering the question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Answering the question - Essay Example This passage indicates that the playwright for â€Å"Frozen† did not merely take a story or ideas, which can be re-resented with originality (like a re-telling of a classic fairy tale) but rather used words that someone else had written, enough words to fill a very short essay, and simply copied them. This copying is across a line. There are people who make their living by writing, and that is real work that demands real respect. Clearly Lewis was earning money from her book sales, and the writer of the magazine piece was being paid for her work as well. The playwright thus had no right to simply steal their language. Everyone in any kind of schooling knows the difference between plagiarism and acceptable usage, and ways to avoid plagiarism such as re-phrasing to not steal someone else’s words, or providing citation, which were both offers available to the playwright had he chosen to follow them. Furthermore, if he felt that he desperately needed those lines for his artistic achievement, the playwright could have contacted either writer for their consent, but obviously chose not to. The use of the exact same language as someone else has used is nothing less than theft. Themes, story outlines, characteristics of characters, these are all things that exist outside of an artist once they put their product into the world, but the words someone has written are sacred. Or should be at

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