Saturday, September 14, 2019

Court News Essay

Editorial Despite our report of the 30th November regarding her majesty’s speech to the House of Commons in which she stated she would act only for the good of her people, it has to be admitted that there is still an air of disquiet in the country regarding the future of the monarchy. The queen, although still in good health in body and mind, is now in her 68th year and the length of her reign is unprecedented. The future of a Protestant monarchy must be assured for the sake of the country, its stability and role in Europe. Around the World It is reported by our correspondent in Utrecht that a burgher of that city, one Oliver Van Noort, a former inn keeper, has recently completed a three year voyage in which he claims to have sailed completely around the world. His voyage, which he reported in a letter to the authorities in the Netherlands caused much excitement. Theatre News, by J. Q. Adams Mr William Shakespeare, author of such entertainments as ‘Julius Caesar’ which was well received, has this year come up with two new plays in contrast. The Merry Wives of Windsor’ is a light hearted comedy to lift the dullest spirits. It features that lovable rogue, Falstaff. , known of course from earlier works. This can be seen for the price of one penny every Monday and Tuesday at the Globe Theatre, Southwark. As this is such a popular play there will be extra boat men around to ferry passengers. For those of a more serious turn of mind the tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, the title role being played by Mr Richard Burbage and the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, will be performed on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Fashion K. Emerson Spain continues to be a major influence upon English fashions. The work of Mistress Dinghen Vanderplasse with her knowledge of starching methods continues to be important, especially as ruffs remain in fashion, though they tend to be on smaller scale than on previous years. Silk, hand knitted, stockings were a popular present for many ladies this Christmas past, including her majesty, despite the cold weather. The majority though still prefer stockings of cloth or wool for both durability and warmth. The farthingale, so popular at court, as can be seen in her majesty’s recent portrait, has been estimated to have reached a width of 48 inches in some cases. Will this impractical garment continue to be fashionable in the new century? Recent Legislation by E. Cubberley The recently enacted, and much needed, Poor Law is already bringing changes in our society. It says much for the legislature that they have taken such care to ensure the care of unfortunates. Poor children will be properly apprenticed and trained in a trade as well as in their letters.. The richer member of society will fulfill their social obligations by providing supplies for the poorer folk in difficult times. No more should we have to report upon poor waifs being found starved to death in harsh weather s happened last winter when the harvest was so poor. And think of the benefit to the country of so many young people properly equipped for a trade This, together with the stopping of the monopolies which favored only a few, will benefit all of her majesty’s subjects.

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