Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Doha Sports' Management, Control, Liability, and Taxation Research Proposal - 13

Doha Sports' Management, Control, Liability, and Taxation - Research Proposal Example Doha sports shop intends to provide house delivery services to its clients with a busy schedule. This service is important because it would reduce expenses for clients and control air pollution as clients would not have to drive to the shop. The main target market for Doha Sports shop is online buyers who are time conscious. Additionally, the organization targets athletes who participate in major events such as the London Marathon or Olympics. The business would also target people aged between 18 -35. This is because most people within such an age group are active in sports, have a busy schedule and spend more time surfing online.The company has hired the services of online experts who are experienced in virtual businesses. Additionally, the company sells its brand of goods at an affordable price. It is also evident that the strategy would enable the business to outshine its major competitors such as Reebok, Nike, and Adidas.The best form of business that Doha sports shop can operate is Partnership. Unlike a sole proprietorship, a partnership is owned by several members but should not exceed twenty four. A significant advantage of the partnership is the ability to allow a firm to operate independently from the owners. This simply means that in case one member dies or quit, the business would still operate. Doha sports would benefit from the partnership because the owners would raise enough capital to start and run the business. Additionally, the partners can share losses in case of any unintended consequences. Lastly, the partners can take part in running the business thus saving time and cost of operating the business in case they were to employ someone to run the business. The business can grow to a corporation. Consequently, it can be quoted in the stock exchange market. This would enable Doha sports shop to improve its image, sell its shares in the stock market and expand internationally.

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