Thursday, September 12, 2019

Media plan for carpooling in Qatar Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Media plan for carpooling in Qatar - Coursework Example At the end if the program, every probable customer within the region should be aware of the ride-share. The organization will recognize its customers as the first practice. Then the organization will encourage satisfaction amongst the customers. Lastly, the company intends to use a number of methods to retain the customers. Quality service provision and effective resources will be used as the main factors for promoting continuity among the customers. Indeed, customers will be willing to be served by the entities that provide outstanding services. The media plan is set to be implemented with decreasing intensity from the first time as the process continues. In the beginning, the marketing will take place in all the identified media to relay its intentions daily. The main media houses identified will be used as conduit to relay information to their subscribers through television broadcasts and radio announcements for the first three months. After the first operation of frequent announcements and broadcasts via the identified media, the company intends to advertise twice per month in the subsequent months. Finally the company will be advertising in a sequence of three months. Through its Instagram account, the company intends communicating the images of its products such as cars to the public. Most customers are attracted with whatever they see and this will form a successful means of advertisement. This will form the main form of advertisement since the current trends favor animations in the marketing industry. The main advantage of animations as advertisement tools are the comics involved and the reality depicted besides the outstanding fictions. Targeting the cinema halls is important since it reaches the potential customers

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