Thursday, October 3, 2019

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Learning English Language Essay

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Learning English Language Essay Electronic-learning is a state-of-the-art technology of education that implies self-motivation ,communication , efficiency, and technology. Because there is limited social interaction, students must keep themselves motivated . E-learning is effective as it eliminates distances and subsequent commutes. Distance is eliminated because the e-learning content is designed with media that can be accessed from properly equipped computers, and other means of internet accessible technology. E-learning has its own advantages and disadvantages . However ,the most important advantages lay in the reduction of time , efforts and cost, adding too which the capability of the computer in improving the general level of studying achievement and in helping the teacher and the student in providing an attractive educational environment which doesnt depend on place or time. Furthermore, we can talk about the following advantages of E-learning with the increasing of communication between the student and themselves and between the student and the school a fast and easy way is needed to bring everybody together. So from the midst of confusion came e-learning to make their lives easy . throughout different directions such as discussing forums, e-mail, and chat rooms. Moreover , researchers think that these things increase and motivate students to participate and react with the subjects in question. there is also the matter of sharing points of views. So the discussing forums and chat rooms provide opportunities to exchange and share the point of views in respect of the subjects in question, the matter which increases the opportunities of making use of the opinions and suggestions of the others, which ,in turn, will help in making a strong background at the learner through what he /she got of knowledge and skills from the chat rooms. Another advantage of e-learning as that it makes all students feel equal. Since the communication tools give each student the opportunity to express his own opinion at any time without being embarrassed , in contrary to the traditional teaching halls which dont have such a feature due to the bad distribution of the tables or because of shyness or other reasons. However, this type of learning gives the complete opportunity to the student to express themselves clearly and directly without any problems of whatever kind. This feature, therefore, might be more useful for the students who feel fear or uneasiness as this method makes students enjoy more encouragement in expressing their ideas and to search for facts in a way more effective than what they can do in the traditional teaching halls. Studies proved that discussing through the internet greatly helps and motivates students for confrontation. E-learning provides teachers with great facilities that are access able out of working hours, that is because the learner can send his/her inquiries to the teacher through the e-mail at any time, yet this feature is more useful and suitable for the teacher instead of being restricted at his desk. In addition, it could be useful for those whose working hours are in contrary with the teachers timetable or when there is an inquiry that can not be adjourned. Different students learn in different ways. One teacher may use a certain way of teaching so E-learning provides different types of teaching. It is possible to get the information in the way that suits the student, whereas some of students prefer the visible method, others prefer the audible or readable method, while others prefer the practical one. However, E-learning and its resources give the possibility of applying resources in different and several methods as the learner may prefer . The E-learning enables the learner to concentrate on the important ideas when writing or collecting the lecture or the lesson. As well as it enables the students who suffer the difficulty of concentration and tasks organizing to make use of the material because it will be organized and arranged easily and its important elements are clearly outlined. The curriculum is also available all day long and all days of the week(24 hours per day and 7 days per week) . this feature is good for the moody persons or for those who prefer to get the information in a specific time, as some of them prefer to study in the morning and the others prefer to study in the evening, also for those who have personal commitments and responsibilities where this feature allows all of them to study at thje time that suits them. By E-learning the attendance is not necessary. The student, in traditional teaching , shall adhere to a timetable that binds all those who are involved in the group work. Now , it is not necessary to do the same as the new technology provided the communication methods without the need to be available in a specific place or time. The new technology provides teachers with several methods of evaluating the progress of students. The teacher has got different direct evaluation methods that enable them to build distribute and sort the information to be evaluated quickly and easily. Especially that time is an essential element for both teacher and learner. So, the student has the ability to get the required information at the time and he place he wants without the need to go from home to the classroom or to the library or to the teachers office the matter which saves time. At the same time, the teacher can save his time as he can send the information to his students through different communication methods. It also reduce the administrative burdens of the teacher. the E-learning reduces the administrative burdens of the teacher which need a lot of time as it became possible to send and receive all these administrative things through the electronic tools with the possibility to know whether the student received these things or not. The other importance of E-learning that it reduces the size of work at school. With the E-learning the work will be less than usual thanks for modern technologies. The most important drawback of E-learning is that there is an absence of the model or the effect of the teacher in this type of teaching. Another disadvantage is that this type of teaching can not discover the talents and capacities of the learners. Teacher -student communication is important and can be more effective face to face but through this type of teaching its quite hard. Also E-learning doesnt develop the verbal or phonetic capability of the learners. This method can only be effective if the learner is sitting at the device so the learners may get tired of sitting to the devices. Through this device the learner is using a motion less mechanism and the absence of the human side in the teaching process as it is absent in the machine. An addition disadvantage of E-learning is that it weakens the social relations at the learners side. Also it can effect the health of the learner. This type of teaching need a huge amount of money particularly at the beginning as it needs modern and developed tools and devices.

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