Friday, October 4, 2019

Please read the attachments carefully you'r able to know what I want Essay

Please read the attachments carefully you'r able to know what I want - Essay Example Moreover, the NoSQL databases are deployed in a distributed environment and open sourced (NoSQL. n.d). It is pertinent to mention here that there are four (4) types / categories of the NoSQL database include: the document oriented database, XML database, graph database and key-value store / database. In the document oriented database the data is stored in the documents, the examples include: the CashDB, MongoDB etc. In the XML databases, the data is stored in the XML format, the examples include: the BaseX, eXist etc. In the Graph database, the data is stored as the collection of nodes that connected using edges, the examples include: DEX, Stones GrapgDB etc. The key-value store refers to storing data without schema in the form of strings, hashes, stored sets etc., and the examples include: Riak, BigTable, etc. One of the NoSQL databases is developed by the Oracle Corporation. The Oracle NoSQL database is characterized by the BASE – Basically Available, Soft State, and Eventua lly Consistent. The Oracle database used to replicate data in a way that data would be always available to the users, moreover, to avoid unavailability it distributes / share data among several database storage servers. The soft state refers that the Oracle NoSQL database allows inconsistent data and assigns its responsibility to the application developers. The Eventually Consistent refers to the ability of the NoSQL database becoming and presenting consistent data with the passage of time and its usage. Generally, it can be stated that the NoSQL database management systems are used to deal with huge data where the data does not necessitate being relational. The NoSQL database has the capabilities of storing, retrieving and appending data in a highly efficient manner without discrepancy of the data size. It is pertinent to mention some of the organizations dealing with massive data and use the NoSQL database for manipulation of the data, these organizations include: the LinkedIn, Go ogle, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook (Oracle Corporation, 2011). NoSQL and Relational Database Management Systems – the Differences There are several diverse features of the Oracle NoSQL database that makes it different from the traditional Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). On the basis of the differences, the management of any organization can take an informed decision whether to employ the Oracle NoSQL database or the RDBMS. One of the main differences between the NoSQL and RDMS is scalability. The NoSQL data stores have the ability to scale it even on the distributed systems and it can be deployed over several database servers. Whereas, the RDMS can only be deployed and scaled over a single server and it is the reason that the NoSQL databases can handle a huge number of data. This is one of the main motives of the growing popularity of the NoSQL. Moreover, as the NoSQL database can be deployed on several servers, therefore, these databases offer high data availa bility with little or no unavailability. Moreover, the performance of the NoSQL database is highly efficient as compared to the RDBMS, because the data is being shared and processed on several servers. But in order to provide the data highly available along with high performance, the NoSQL databases compromise the data consistency, as the data is redundantly stored or replicated on the diverse servers (Strauch, n.d). The NoSQL databases have been developed focusing the BASE acronym of Basically Available,

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