Sunday, October 6, 2019

CNC machines(Fundamentals and Applications) Essay

CNC machines(Fundamentals and Applications) - Essay Example Nowadays in order to provide better online data transfer, CNCs can be connected to the internet. Companies having multi operations are benefitted a lot from this so that they can transfer their programmes to other locations. Today’s CNCs provide a very high level of automation. Any skillful operator can use all the features to increase his/her own as well as company’s productivity. Their capacity to deliver extreme precision has given a great boost to innumerable new state-of-the-art technologies as a multiplier effect to produce thousands of products in the last 30-40 years. In the manufacturing and production sectors, automation using computers has become a common, if necessary trend. The application of Numerical Control (NC) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) has seen production work become more effective in virtually all dimensions. With the three and five axis CNC machines, more complex shapes can be produced in real time, more accurately and without having to set and reset machines and workpieces over and over as I always the case with conventional machines. Having several structural components and coming in modular form, CNC machines are controlled using dedicated software and programs to automate and control its functions. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is the automated control of the machine tools by a computer program and a computer; the machine is controlled by a computer rather than a person (Mattson 2009, p.9). On the other hand, Numerical Control (NC) can be defined as a type of programmable automation that involves the use of a program of instructions to control the mechanical actions of machines or equipment. The program has set of instructions that include positioning of the workhead and workpiece and other instructions that are necessary to operate the machine. A workhead is the cutting tool and the workpiece is the object being processed. The application of

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