Thursday, October 17, 2019

Communication Digital Age Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Communication Digital Age - Essay Example Adapting to changes in technology requires not only knowing how to use technological tools, but the ability to use those tools to express oneself creatively. Effective digital communication is the ability to create persuasive communications in different media, be it websites, video, audio, text, or animated multimedia. Digital communication is a foundation skill for most careers today, as most people will be involved in some form of conceptualizing, producing, delivering, and receiving such communications in their jobs and lives. Starting in elementary school and extending to higher education, students can learn a variety of digital communication skills across all their courses, whether they build multimedia presentations to demonstrate their knowledge of academic subjects, create e-portfolios of coursework, or present ideas in a virtual classroom. When students can express themselves through a variety of media, they are motivated and engaged. The twentieth century has witnessed many scientific discoveries and inventions that have revolutionized our life. They have led to the creation of mechanisms and artifacts, which have made our life more efficient, smooth and comfortable. Computer is the latest addition to such achievements. It is the most sophisticated and integrated chip as the computer-based technology has found applications in agriculture, biotechnology, oceanography, engineering medicine and information technology. Throughout the 20th century, the pace of technological advancement has increased dramatically. The digital revolution, now upon us, is expecting to take giant strides in the 21st century. Companies are manufacturing audio and video sets communications nd Information Technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Companies have developed a wide product portfolio, which includes goods that have become integral part of modern life styles. (Anil,2005 37) Many years ago, man invented computer. Nobody would have ever believed that age of computer dreaming and hardware tinkering would lead to the vast, bottomless streams of information that our society has advanced towards over the years in the medium of computer technology. Now, humans are more interconnected with computers than ever before. Computers interact with most every facet of business there possibly is, and education had become modified at most age groups to accommodate the importance of computer technology into the school system because it is as important as it is beneficial. The Internet has also played an instrumental role of all these areas, including the global distant communications with friends and work colleagues. The world has significantly shrunk since the Internet and augmented computer technology. Moreover, while many computer-savvy citizens believe that computers can help better the economy as well as diminish the barriers of social and racial segregation, there are many factors rotating

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