Friday, June 21, 2019

Define the terms health care policy, health care law, regulatory body, Term Paper

Define the terms health portion out policy, health bang law, regulatory body, and health charge compliance. reserve an example of each wi - Term Paper ExampleHealth care refers to the provision and preservation of all aspects of a persons health via the operate offered by health care professionals (American Heritage Medical Dictionary, 2007). The set of rules, regulations, legislations and policies which overlook the orderly and effective delivery of health care is referred to as health care policy. Such policies govern almost all arenas of health care including finances, operations and management, and public, preventive and long term health care (Hoffman, 2003). Most health care policies are based on the integral concept of the universal access to health care for all alike, irrespective of their race, caste, culture and socioeconomic status. Health care policies can be broadly classified into two main types, viz. single payer system and social insurance system. In the United St ates, the animate health care policy is an amalgamation of both these systems (Hoffman, 2003). Examples of health care policies include Medicare and Medicaid which are government based health care insurance programs (Hoffman, 2003).

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