Friday, June 14, 2019

Female Nudity or Male Nudity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Female Nudity or Male Nudity - Research Paper ExampleRegulations against nudity have primarily gone a notch higher with the FCC and the MPA putting much emphasis on what cannot be said or seen on television. The rules have become tighter with every television computer program forced to adhere to these rules. The FCC generally controls the airwaves making sure that what is aired is consumer friendly and has a positive impact on the loyal viewers. The FCC has laid down concrete rules against the use of profane language that might be seen to be a nuisance to the viewers. On what can be aired on television, the FCC has immobile rules against erotica and sexual scenes and any other scenes with even brief traces of nudity suggesting that such thing can lead to viewer boycotts and other media controversies (Eisenach & Randolph 145).The need for a paygrade system is to work hand-in-hand with the parents and informing them what the movies are really about so that the parents can make info rmed decisions on whether to allow their children access to such movies or not. The MPAA has significantly failed in its role and has just made decisions, which have sometimes been seen as politically manipulated. The principal role of the MPA should be to simply uphold a genuine rating system. The MPA has always rated films according to the themes that they portray, violence, drug abuse and language have been some of the themes that the MPA has emphasized on but, one theme that has had the most tutelage is nudity with the MPA treating films with this theme more severely compared to other themes (History of Cinema 21).It is evident from the regulations of both the FCC and the MPA that nudity has been given no chance. Both organizations have a strong stand against it and they generally cannot stand nudity. This, however, is unfair, as we have witnessed a rather biased approach towards nudity as compared to other themes on television and in the motion pictures.Male nudity has

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