Saturday, June 15, 2019

Programs for Nurturing Creativity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Programs for Nurturing Creativity - Essay ExampleOdyssey of the mind is one of the courses that have been extensively employed in nurturing creativity among the kids. The program has an international orientation that enhances educational programs in terms of establishing solutions that exhibit creativity in problem-solving. Ideally, the program is meant for kindergarten kids and is extended through to the college. Group members are put in different groups, and each try to employ creativity in solving certain problems ranging from analysis of literary classics to the development of mechanical devices (Creative Competitions, 2015). The notional solutions can be subjected to competition at the local, state or international level. The program is widely used in the US, and individuals from diverse backgrounds and grades participate in the program.The other program that has underlying importance is the Future Problem-Solving Program that is employed in various educational facilities. Th e program is established as a measure of engaging kids in creative problem-solving ventures. Ideally, the program is aimed at stimulating thinking and effectively enhancing creative thinking among learners (FPSPI, 2015). The program has a number of programs that aid in developing activities that can bear about solutions to particular issues of critical importance. The program brings together number of students from the US, Europe and some of the Asian countries.Talent Unlimited is another program that is used in nurturing creativity in students. Students in particular learning environments are given an opportunity to engage in high-level thinking activities that enhance their skills. Essentially, the main concentre is enhancing the ability of the students to thinking (Talents Unlimited, 1995). Students exposed to the program have the capability of developing thinking abilities that can aid them in solving certain problems. The program helps the

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