Friday, June 7, 2019

Transportation Essay Example for Free

Transportation EssayTransportation and environmental issues are opposite in nature since transportation grant socio-economic benefits are great, but at the same time impactingenvironmental transportation system. On one side, supporting transport activities growing demand for passenger and cargo movement, firearm on the other, transportation activities associated with increasing levels of external environment. This has reached the point where transport is the dominant source of the pollution emission and multiple inwardnesss on the environment complexity of the problem that has led to much controversy in the policy environment and the role of transport. see moreessay about transportThe transport domain is often subsidized by the public sector, particularly through the construction and maintenance of road infrastructure which tend to be independent of the access. Sometimes, the public avocation in the mode of transport, terminal and infrastructure can be odd with environmenta l issues. If the owner and the same regulator (different branches of government), then there is a risk of infection that the rules will non be effectively observed. It can also lead to another extreme where compliance would lead to an inefficient transportation system with the live of subsidies.The environmental impact of vehicle pollution burning fossil fuels such as natural gas and gasoline engrossd for transportation the way we promote harmful chemicals, among them carbon dioxide, a greenho aim gas, which is a major pollutant and contributor to global warming. Over 150 years ago, cars, airplanes and power plants have been producing carbon dioxide into the automatic teller machine enough to raise a higher level than ever before. Single car emissions are generally low, but added to the emissions from the millions of vehicles per day handlingd to create a huge impact on the environment and air quality.Car pollution reaching water pollution, noise pollution, air pollution to global warming, to give effect to human health. On-road motor vehicles not only release carbon dioxide but also nitrogen oxides, which contribute to the formation of acid rain. They are also a precursor to the formation of ozone (smog), which damage the respiratory system and damage the plants. In the West, about 6% of the population will die due to air pollution, it is not surprising that the car industry is responsible for up to 80% of urban air pollution.With globalization and modern technology invading every corner of the world, it is a known fact that air pollution and congestion are increasing at an alarming rate. Some of the recommendations about how to address this problem encouraging the use of public transport. This essay will analyze the strategy to encourage people to use trains and buses to commute to work. For a start, it felt that one way to stimulate the use of public transport to make use of private cars expensive. For example, tolls have been introduced successfull y in a number of places in cities around the world.This example clearly shows that the use of private cars on the highway is expensive compared to public transport. Therefore, introducing tolls and other taxes using private cars is a well strategy to prevent people from using personalized vehicles. In addition, limiting the number of parking permits in urban areas help to prevent people from using their private vehicles. Take for example the Metro Sydney. expire year, a study showed that the city experienced a sharp drop in traffic caused 30% increase in the price for parking permits.This clearly demonstrates the fact that, the price increases made it difficult for people to use their personal car to go to the cities. Thus, the increase in the price of parking permits is a good way to curb congestion and encourage use of public transport. Following the appearance, it is clear that by increasing the cost of using a private vehicle is an effective strategy to encourage people to u se public transport. Thus, this will help to reduce congestion and air pollution to some degree.

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