Monday, June 17, 2019

Post 9 11 America Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Post 9 11 America - Research Paper ExampleThis could be divided into, A. question Prior to the terrorist attack, the interaction between various persons in the United States of America was smooth. This was very good at societal and national level. After the attack, a divergent perspective on things viewed innocently changed. The citizens were unaware of when the next attack could be conducted. As a result, they became more suspicious in everything they undertook (Tweedie 1). For the people with Arabic origin, they were comprehend to be sympathizers of terrorism and thus were somehow alienated from the society. A good example is the removal of six Muslim imams from the plane due to them raising uncertainty to other passages and the airline administration. B. Discrimination This followed from the risen suspicion of the American citizens towards people who were Arab, Muslim, Sikh, and south Asian (Gohil and Sidhu 91). This was mainly because they were either perceived to be directly or indirectly involved in the attacks. In some cases, vandalism was conducted. In the call for the construction of a mosque in USA, the citizens demonstrated in a petition to obstruct the implementation of the idea. This clearly indicated that people of Muslim and Arab origin were not accepted in USA. As time has been passing on, various transformations have been achieved in which the interaction has been building up. Since not all Arabs and Muslim are involved in terrorist attacks, various persons processing the same faith have declared their intentions in assisting in identifying people linked to terrorism (Smith 1). C. Department of Homeland Security The successful conduction of the terrorist attack on 9/11 indicated the limitation in capacity of the American security forces at the time. As a result, it was necessary to form a body that would entirely be mandated in looking into potence threats in USA and taking precaution in order to ensure that similar attacks were not conduc ted. This was implemented by the formation of department of homeland security. It has since thusly been very useful even in cases of natural disasters. Its council conducts their control from the white house. Due to its importance in national security, it has continuously been transformed as the engine room advances and currently it forms part of the top three cabinet departments in the US federal government. Thus despite the attack bringing pain and suffering, other merits such(prenominal) as formation of department of homeland security were reaped. D. Politics The attack led to numerous transformations in the US politics. At the time, both parties combined their elbow grease and brought forth the necessity of implementation of foreign policies that clearly addressed the issue. A good example is the Patriot Act passed by the congress and signed by the president at the time, George W. Bush. The act reduced restriction initially imposed to the security officers. As a result, inten sive search was conducted to persons at various locations in a bid to identify and prevent terrorist attacks (Drash 1). In addition, the officers were capable of looking into the personal details such as communication and finance. The secretary of treasurys authority was empowered to regulate financial transactions especially those involving foreigners. After the attack, terrorist was modified to take into account domestic terrorism and many immigrants suspected

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